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Watchdog: Police have footage of Tube death

London Independent | August 25 2005

Comment: First it was mysteriously missing and now it's turned up again after public furor. However, parts are still erased from the tape. Would those parts happen to show the brutal murder of an innocent man who the police KNEW was not a suicide bomber? And would those parts further push the real question that no one seems to be asking, if they knew he wasn't a terrorist then why did they kill him an was the reason connected to the fact that De Menezes was a freelance electrician who may have had knowledge of the 'surge explanation' that was fed to the media for over an hour after the bombings took place on 7/7?

The head of the police complaints watchdog has insisted that investigators have obtained "crucial" CCTV evidence about the death of Jean Charles de Menezes.

Nick Hardwick, chairman of the Independent Police Complaints Commission, rejected claims of a cover-up, declaring that "I have all the information that I need" to investigate the events leading to the shooting of the electrician by anti-terrorist police a month ago.

Speaking after a meeting with a Brazilian delegation in Britain to investigate the shooting, Mr Hardwick insisted that the CCTV footage from the scene of the shooting at Stockwell Underground station was "very helpful".

He refused to clarify whether cameras in the station and the train were working and caught the final moments of Mr de Menezes' life.
However, members of the Brazilian delegation revealed that some of the CCTV cameras that would have filmed Mr de Menezes being shot may have been out of order. "Apparently there are parts of the film which do not exist," said Ambassador Manoel Gomes Pereira.

Ken Livingstone yesterday attacked the "many enemies" of the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair for attempting to undermine him.

Speaking on BBC Radio 4, Mr Livingstone, the Mayor of London, heaped praise on Sir Ian, insisting that the Commissioner's reforms would help thwart any future terror strike on the capital."There are few people I have had to deal with in 30 years in public life I trust as totally as I do him," he said.

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