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Bombs In Oliver Stone World Trade Center Movie?
Clip features actor Cage looking up as explosions boom from upper floors

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | August 1 2006

Though Oliver Stone publicly stated his desire to avoid the many questions surrounding the 9/11 attack and focus solely on the rescue efforts, a new clip from his upcoming movie World Trade Center seems to portray explosions and bombs within the twin towers.

The clip you can watch below shows actor Nicholas Cage and other firefighters and police baffled as they hear consistent loud booms from above as they prepare to make their way up to the higher levels of the building.

The sounds cannot be those of the planes crashing into the buildings because these are shown in other clips as happening before Cage arrives on the scene.

Though Oliver Stone stated that his film wasn't about reinforcing the government's version of events behind 9/11 or exploring the many unanswered questions, this clip suggests that Stone was at least aware of the reports of firefighters and others inside the buildings who reported incendiaries and bombs exploding before the collapse.

"This is not a political film," said Stone, noted for his landmark depiction of the JFK assassination, in an interview with Dateline NBC.

Despite Stone's insistence on maintaining neutrality in how the events are portrayed, some 9/11 truth activists have endeavored to boycott the film because they see it as an affirmation of the government's version of events.

Raw Story carried a report Friday which outlined some of the objections to the film.

"Was Stone used by the Illuminati as an unknowing pawn," reads the release, "to whitewash the 9/11 conspiracy theories to the masses? Was he approached with the project and coerced into a commitment to occupy his time in attempts to thwart any other 9/11 angle from being used? Is Stone a pawn in the game? Perhaps Stone didn't know at the time, and found out too late."

Despite minority opposition to the movie it seems that Stone has at the very least included representations of explosions in the towers that firefighters went on the record as having heard.

The video above features a compendium of clips from Loose Change and Alex Jones' Martial Law which include voluminous evidence of bombs inside the twin towers - both eyewitness testimony and physical evidence. More evidence can be found here.

A summary of evidence concerning Building 7 - which wasn't hit by a plane yet collapsed in a classic demolition style fashion - can be viewed here.

Only when Oliver Stone's movie is rolled out nationwide on August 9th will we be able to comb through it for more proof that Stone is clued in to the 9/11 truth movement and the complete fraud of the government fairy tale.


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