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9/11 Symposium Most Popular C-Span Show

Prison Planet | August 5 2006

The June 2006 L.A. American Scholars Symposium is still the most popular online streaming choice for C-Span viewers, according to their companion Capital News website.

The 9/11 truth symposium, hosted by Alex Jones, featured numerous credible researchers and whistleblowers - as well as a speech by actor Charlie Sheen.

The program, carried under the banner of C-Span's 'American Perspectives' slot, caused waves across the Internet after debuting last weekend and repeating a further three times.

It is highly unlikely that Dick Cheney's speech which followed the symposium is responsible for any of the ratings!

The panel discussion featuring Webster Tarply, Professor Steven Jones, Col. Bob Bowman and Professor James Fetzer can be viewed in full below.

Posted above is's four-camera shoot of the panel discussion held during the American Scholars Symposium that was covered by C-SPAN. This was definitely one of the most powerful moments from the historic 9/11 & The Neo-Con Agenda Symposium in Los Angeles featuring speeches and commentary by world-renowned experts who expose 9/11 as inside job including Webster Tarpley, Robert Bowman, Alex Jones, Steven E. Jones, and James Fetzer.

C-SPAN's online viewing options are pretty poor quality and this verison that was shot, produced and posted to Google Video by is much better looking.

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