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Galloway wipes the floor with Sky News anchor

The Truth Will Set You Free | August 8 2006

Sky News anchor: Joining me now is a man who’s not known for sitting on the fence. He passionately opposed the invasion of Iraq and now he feels that Hizbullah is justified in attacking Israel. The Respect MP for Bethnel Green is in our London studio. A very good evening, uh good morning to you Mr. Galloway. How do you JUSTIFY your support for Hizbullah and its leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah?

She might as well have punched him in the face and handed him a gun.

Galloway (laughing): What a preposterous way to introduce an item and what a preposterous first question. Twenty four years ago, on the day my daughter was born and I’ve just celebrated her 24th birthday, I had to dash to the maternity hospital to see her giving birth from a mass demonstration in London against the Israeli invasion and occupation of Lebanon. Israel has been invading and occupying Lebanon all of my 24yr old daughter’s life. The Hizbullah are a part of the national resistance who are trying to drive, having successfully driven most Israelis from their land in 2000, Israel from the rest of their land and to get back those thousands of Lebanese prisoners who were kidnapped by Israel under the terms of their illegal occupation of Lebanon.

It’s Israel that’s invading Lebanon. It’s Israel that’s attacking Lebanon. Not Lebanon that’s attacking Israel. You’ve just been carrying a report of 10 Israeli soldiers on the border getting ready to invade Lebanon and you ask us to mourn that operation as if it were some kind of war crime. Israel has invaded Lebanon and has killed thirty times more Lebanese . . .

[she tries to interrupt him “you put your finger on the button didn’t you?”]

. . . than have died in Israel. So, it’s YOU who should be JUSTIFYING the evident bias which is written on EVERY line of your face and is in EVERY nuance of your voice and is loaded in EVERY question that you ask.

WOW!!! And believe it or not – you aint seen nothing yet. This interview ends with a real bang. Galloway cuts straight to the core.

To say that he wiped the floor with her actually minimizes the damage he inflicted on this woman’s ego. By the end of this interview, she was either suicidal or homicidal.

Serves her right for selling her soul for a paltry price.

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