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Terror Storm: DVD of the Resistance

Kurt Nimmo | August 11 2006

Let me tell you why you need a copy of Alex Jones' latest video, Terror Storm. You need it right now because it is late, we are under siege, and if you wait too long chances are you won't be able to buy it at all.

I'm not kidding. I'm not being an alarmist. It's late and the neocons have it out for us, that is to say those of us who Newt Gingrich calls "insurgents" for the crime of disagreement---and we know what these people do to insurgents, those who resist their Machiavellian Borg Hive drive to burn down the Middle East, usher in total and generational war, trash the Constitution here in America, and build a police state of high tech control.

Buy this DVD. It begins with a history lesson, something terribly few Americans are keen on, thanks to the controlled media and an education system designed to crank out consumerist zombies, not informed citizens.

Jones dissects false flag terrorism, a tactic having served our rulers well over the centuries, now polished to high art. Jones describes several incidents of classic false flag terrorism---Hitler's torching of the Reichstag, the CIA overthrow of the democratically elected government of Iran, Johnson's Gulf of Tonkin, the Israeli attack on the U.S.S. Liberty, the July 7 London bombings, and more, all instrumental---thus revealing the murderous mendacity of government, no matter the stripe.

Don't expect to see this stuff on the History Channel, owned by A&E Television Networks, that is to say the multinational behemoths Walt Disney, Hearst, and NBC Universal, propagandists and war profiteers all. Unvarnished truth is anathema to the corporate media, especially when it is presented in a sharp format, as Terror Storm is.

Buy this DVD and copy it, pass it out to the uninitiated.

Do it while there is still time, for as I write the hour is late. I see darkness descending over the nation, the gloom and ominous clatter of tyranny in the nearby shadows as the neocons have once again enkindled their "war on terrorism" with fresh lies and false flag pretense, a war ostensibly against Muslims across the globe. Of course, in order to spread pax Americana abroad, they must subjugate the rising voices at home, the rousing of the insurgents, as more than a few of us recall the admonitions of the founders.

In the era of Jefferson, Madison, and Franklin, the printing press was put to good use, distributing Thomas Paine's incendiary pamphlet far and wide, inspiring those who may otherwise have straddled a plank fence. In our era, that technology is the internet and the DVD, the latter easier to duplicate and more handy than the letterpress broadside of Paine's day.

In 1943, in Nazi Germany, a handful of patriots cranked out mimeographed copies of "Leaflets of the Resistance," a call to resist fascism. But it was too late. Nazism had taken hold root and poisonous branch and members of the White Rose were eventually rounded up, marched before a tribunal, and ultimately put to death for the crime of warning neighbors and strangers alike of the burning tyranny in their midst.

It's not that bad in America, not yet. But understand the neocon threat is no less maleficent than the Nazi threat before it.

Get Terror Storm, burn DVDs, pass them out like White Rose screeds.


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