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Claim: Liquid Terror Suspect Watched Conspiracy Vids
Disturbing growing trend of 'guilt by association' should concern 9/11 truthers

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | August 15 2006

We are starting to notice a disturbing and growing trend whereby truth activists are being linked with terror suspects in a ploy of guilt by association that echoes back to the days when the Patriot movement was linked with Timothy McVeigh by the Clinton administration after the Oklahoma City Bombing.

In a London Guardian article written by a friend of one of the suspects rounded up last week, it is claimed that the individual, Waheed Zaman, was skeptical of the official explanation behind the 7/7 and 9/11 attacks.

"After 9/11 and 7/7 Waheed was sceptical about whether Muslims could have been responsible. He watched conspiracy videos on the internet. He believed them and thought they made sense. Like most people in the world, he was anti-war. But his solution was: fight the enemies of Islam by showing them the real Islam, a religion of peace."

Throughout the article, Kamran Siddique describes his friend as a well respected member of the community, liked by all races and interested only in studying to become a doctor and Liverpool football club. The suggestion that he would be involved in terrorist plots in completely alien to his described beliefs and character.

Whether the media or the government will jump upon this facet and use it to attack peaceful researchers and truth seekers remains to be seen. However, one example of where it has already been tried was CNN's Christiane Amanpour comments last week, in which she discussed people who believe "conspiracy theories" about terror attacks in the same context as the liquid bomb terror suspects.

Because we live in a police state where innocent people are set-up, raided and framed by the government - and because hate crime and 'glorification of terror' legislation has been introduced in both the US and the UK - it is necessary to emphasize the fact that Paul Joseph Watson, Steve Watson and Alex Jones as well as any person connected with Alex Jones Productions completely abhor and denounce violence of any kind against innocent people.

Furthermore, we also maintain our right under God-given freedom of speech to question the nature and source of terrorism without being smeared or labeled as suspicious.

This is in print and archived for posterity. If they try to associate us with any of these suspect individuals then it just proves in triplicate everything we've been saying about staged terror alerts and false flag provocations.


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