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Who's The Man In The WTC Rubble?
Previously unnoticed eerie figure provokes questions

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | August 25 2006

At first glance he is camouflaged against the gray ash and rubble of the debris from the twin towers, but a closer look shows an eerie figure that has prompted a rash of e mail questions - is he a survivor, a victim or even a statue?

In conducting analysis of photos we first published on Wednesday showing surrounding buildings in the WTC complex and other images taken by an anonymous rescue worker, the significance of this shot completely escaped us until we began to receive numerous e mails highlighting its notoriety.

Click the photo for an enlargement.

The figure appears to be sat upright with a square piece of debris, which could be a briefcase or a laptop, in front of him and his legs appear to be buried underneath rubble. He is covered in gray ash and dust as is every other object in the shot.

The figure is obviously human in appearance but is it an unfortunate victim or a statue?

A cursory Google search provided the answer. The figure was a bronze statue named Double Check, created by sculptor J. Seward Johnson, that sat on a park bench near the towers. The discovery of the statue shown below two days after the attack was subject of a CNN piece in December 2001. The statue became a shrine to victims of 9/11.

Still from a distance, the figure in the rubble must have been an eerie sight even if rescue workers were aware that it was just a sculpture. We are satisfied that we were able to clear this up for many curious readers.


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