Iraq: Saudi princes support MKO

RIA Novosti
Wednesday Aug 1, 2007

Iraq's National Security Counselor has disclosed that Saudi Arabian princes provide financial support to an anti-Iran terrorist group in Iraq.

In interview with Al-Alam TV channel on Tuesday, Fazel al-Shavili said that the Iraqi government has found concrete documents implying that Saudi princes pay a monthly $30 million to the armed terrorist group Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO).

The MKO was a close ally of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussain in suppressing the Iraqi people during the Baath regime and has carried out many terrorist attacks against Iranian civilians and officials for almost three decades.

Following the fall of Saddam, the terrorist MKO has made efforts to attract the attention of war-mongering American officials and enjoyed their support who want to use the terrorist group as a tool against Iran.

The Iraqi official noted that apart from regular financial donations to MKO, Saudi princes offer to support al-Qaeda terrorists in Iraq as well.

He further said that half of the foreign insurgents and bombers entering Iraq are Saudi citizens who infiltrate the war-torn country through western borders.

The Iraqi western borders are controlled by US occupation forces.

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