Aaron Russo: A Champion of Freedom

Aaron Dykes
Prison Planet
Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Aaron Russo's tragic passing leaves behind an inspiring legacy-- that of a true champion of freedom, a defender of the Constitution and a believer in individual rights, guaranteed and inalienable.

Russo leaves behind a void that reminds us all how important-- and grave--the fight against the New World Order really is. He was a strong fighter whose determination was only rivalled by his effectiveness. Russo woke up millions to the fraud of the Federal Reserve and the battle for the republic. His striving now paves the way for greater efforts yet to come and leaves a noble standard few will ever match.

Aaron Russo understood the power behind the Constitution and the republic for which is stands-- both in its ability to guard and guarantee personal rights and in staving off the corruption and tyranny that inevitably rises when freedom's guard is let down.

He had a clear and powerful way of expressing the vital importance of those rights under a republic-- and was well aware of the dangers posed by a democracy.

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"The word democracy is not written into the Constitution one time...the founding fathers hated democracy," Russo explained in an interview with Alex Jones. "And under a democracy, 51% of the people can overrule 49% of the people."

"But under a republic, 99% can't take away the rights of 1%-- that's what the founding fathers gave us. Democracy is the worst form of government-- the majority rules. In a republic, minorities are protected."

Aaron Russo not only understood the republic but fought for it politically-- through his videos Mad as Hell and later America: Freedom to Fascism, through his formation of the Constitution Party and in his candidacy for both governor in Nevada and as a nominee for the Libertarian presidential candidacy.

Aaron Russo's personal life itself stood for many of the things embodied in the American dream-- a creative, independent individual, an enterprising, dynamic entrepreneur and a tireless defender of the weak who was uncompromising against the bullies, the system and tyranny.

Russo's carerr was well-rounded and dynamic and included not only work as a highly successful Hollywood producer, a patriot and a political candidate, but also a nightclub owner and a clothing designer.

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Russo, though quite dignified about his successes, admitted a pride in having produced "a classic comedy in Trading Places (with Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd), a classic musical in The Rose (with Bette Midler) and a classic documentary in America: Freedom to Fascism."

The latter stands as a personal yet powerful analysis of the corruption and tyranny wielded behind the Federal Reserve, the IRS and the tax system at large-- not only in preying upon the people of the United States for the benefit of private bankers, but in the danger they pose for individual rights and the literal pursuit of life, liberty and property.

Aaron Russo refused to stop fighting, even as his battle with cancer intensified and refused more so to give in to the interests he was fighting against.

Nick Rockefeller, for one, befriended Russo after his strong contention for governor of Nevada and attempted to recruit him into the elite Council on Foreign Relations. Russo did not shrug off the friendship, but would not yield his defense of freedom and compromise to the aims of globalist agenda.

Aaron Russo was stalwart and principled-- his example will, no doubt, inspire a culture of freedom and a new wave of champions to defend it. His value in the republic and of independent people is an inspiration and will prove reason to go on fighting.

He will not be forgotten and the effect of his efforts will not soon dissipate. Aaron Russo was a true patriot with a profound love of liberty and his fight will carry on throughout the movement.


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