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FTAA And Immigration

Stop The FTAA

If you like illegal immigration you’ll love the FTAA! FTAA advocates favor open borders. Although keeping the general public in the dark as to their real plans, FTAA sponsors admit that the FTAA is intended to follow in the footsteps of the EU – and so will lead to the abolition of meaningful national borders. National borders will become like state borders. There will no longer be an immigration problem, because there will be no more immigration – only migration of populations at will.

Proponents conceal the effect of the FTAA on U.S. borders, realizing that the American public would not support their revolutionary goals. Representative Tom Tancredo (R-CO) has clearly and correctly warned:

"There are people in the [Bush] administration, and in Mexico, and in Congress, who believe that we should do away with borders entirely. Their ultimate goal is to create this hemispheric ‘free trade’ area consolidating all of North and South America into some kind of ‘United States of the Americas.’"

Mexico’s Vicente Fox, in a 2002 address to European elites, was unexpectedly candid about these aims:

"Eventually our long-range objective is to establish with the United States, but also with Canada, our other regional partner, an ensemble of connections and institutions similar to those created by the European Union, with the goal of attending to future themes [such as] the future prosperity of North America, and the movement of capital, goods, services, and persons." [Emphasis ours]

During his address, Fox referred to a large impediment to his vision, "what I dare to call the Anglo-Saxon prejudice against the establishment of supra-national organizations."

This same vision has been endorsed by powerful people in our nation -- including some regarded to be conservative. Among those who applauded Fox's vision was Robert L. Bartley, editor of the influential Wall Street Journal:

"Reformist Mexican President Vicente Fox raises eyebrows with his suggestion that over a decade or two Nafta should evolve into something like the European Union, with open borders for not only goods and investment but also people. He can rest assured that there is one voice north of the Rio Grande that supports his vision. To wit, this newspaper."

"Indeed, during the immigration debate of 1984 we suggested an ultimate goal to guide passing policies — a constitutional amendment: "There shall be -- open borders." -- July 2, 2002 editorial entitled "Open NAFTA Borders? Why Not?"