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Cameras Roll As Police Use Taser Gun To Subdue Suspect

Local 10 | December 15 2004

Comment: Watch the video, the guy clearly has his hands behind his back at one point where they could have cuffed him. At the point he was tasered he was standing completely still.

MIAMI BEACH, Fla. -- Local 10 photographer Durant Kellogg was rolling Tuesday night when officers used a Taser gun and pepper spray to subdue a man they were trying to arrest outside a Miami Beach restaurant.

"The guy was definitely out of control, either very drunk or very drugged or something," said the restaurant manager.

The takedown happened outside the Sushi Samba restaurant at the Lincoln Road mall when the man failed to follow officers' instructions.

"You're going to get Tased. Put your hands behind your back," one officer said.

The man appeared to start putting his hands behind his back when he spun around. At that point one officer can be heard saying, "Tase him!"

The man did not fall down. He seemed to swipe at the source of the shock and took a couple steps away from officers.

After the man failed to cooperate again, officers used pepper spray, then fired the Taser gun again.

After being hit the second time, the man went down and police took him into custody.

Police initially responded to the restaurant after the manager called. He reported that he had asked the man to leave, which he did, but later he came back.

"He was acting, talking in an unruly manner -- slurring his speech, talking loudly. At one point he stood up and started touching our point of sale computer," the manager said.

Police said the man will likely be charged with disorderly conduct.