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A Son Looking for his Missing Father Finds Him and learns about the Faction's Plot to Stage a terrorist action

The character, Byers is surprised by his father when he goes through his house trying to find clues about his disappearance. When Byers confronts his father with his suspicions that Scenario 12-D is connected to his disappearance he learns of an impending staged terrorist action: the bombing of a domestic airliner.

An unscheduled stop at the corner of Liberty and Washington...

Boarding the plane expecting to find a bomb, they learn that the plane is the bomb, and is being flown by remote control. Hacking into the plane's navigational computer, Langley and Frohike learn its true destination.

Flying by wireless

Byers' father breaks into the cockpit and turns off the autopilot to convince the pilot that he is not in control of the plane. Back in Tacoma Park Langly struggles to decrypt the control signal but "my CPU's are pegged!"

Final Approach

The plane is closing rapidly on the WTC North Tower. The pilots struggle vainly to override the remote control signal, while Langly struggles to decrypt it. Frohike has gone to plead with Yves, who has the "Octium" chip stolen at the opening of the episode. After he threatens to divulge her true identity (her full name is an anagram of "Lee Harvey Oswald", though it is never clear what this implies) she agrees to patch in with her superchip and help them decrypt the signal. Somehow magically joining forces with Langley in the few seconds remaining (Maryland must have really good DSL connections) remote control is defeated in a predictable but nicely-done CGI near miss. (Lone Gunmen Pilot Analysis by

Read the full transcript of the epidsode, click here.

X-Files/Lone Gunmen Star Dean Haglund On The Alex Jones Show

Prison Planet | Updated December 18 2004

Lone Gunmen/X-Files actor, Dean Haglund, who played the role of Richard 'Ringo' Langly in both series appeared on the Alex Jones Show

Jones and Haglund talked about the Lone Gunmen episode that aired prior to September 11th in which an inside faction of the government posing as terrorists hijacks a 727 by remote control and targets the World Trade Center.

Haglund stated that after years of writing the X-files, the FBI and NASA would approach Chris Carter with plots for stories.

Click here for a clip where Alex and Dean discuss the pilot episode. You can listen to the whole interview by subscribing at Prison by clicking here. Haglund discusses CIA agents at Hollywood parties and much more.

Below is the video clip and commentary of the Lone Gunmen pilot episode.