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Future Police State Use Of ASIMO The Robot?

Paul Joseph Watson | December 17 2004

A visitor writes....

"I saw the robot story on Honda's ASIMO. This very scary Terminator 2 stuff. Here's what I fear this technology will be used for. "

Comment: This isnt even a joking matter.They're already admittedly using unmanned drone planes to spy on Americans. An automated system of control is the goal. What kind of commercial benefit is there if all this thing does is shake people's hands and talk back at them in generic robot-speak?

I see Homeland Security psychopaths licking their lips at the 'security applications' of ASIMO. I'm thinking crowd control, noise weapon emitters and a setting where it tasers anyone who gets within 10 feet of a specific area.

All that's missing is the black ski mask.

Or maybe in the future the robots will rebel against their masters, forcing President Arnold Schwarzenegger to declare 'war on robots and those that harbor robots' - thus re-assuming his Terminator mantle and fighting the evildoer robots.

OK, that last part was a joke but the way the world is heading I wouldn't laugh too hard.

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