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Dead Osama Gives Mythical al-Zarqawi a Promotion

Kurt Nimmo | December 30 2004

Osama bin Laden—who is dead and buried—has released yet another audio tape from the grave “endorsing” Abu Musab al-Zarqawi—the mythical Jordanian of Palestinian heritage and super-terrorist who is everywhere yet nowhere—as his “deputy in Iraq,” according to the Associated Press.

The voice on the tape described al-Zarqawi as the “emir,” or prince, of al-Qaida in Iraq and said Muslims there should “listen to him.”

The man speaking on the tape also referred to an October statement in which al-Zarqawi, a Jordanian, declared allegiance to bin Laden and changed his group’s name to al-Qaida in Iraq. The speaker called that “a great step on the path of unifying all the mujahedeen in establishing the state of righteousness and ending the state of injustice.”

In short, the resistance against Bush’s illegal and immoral—and murderous:100,000 dead Iraqis and counting—occupation of Iraq is an al-Qaeda affair. Anybody who calls for “ending the state of injustice” in Iraq will be considered a terrorist and sock puppet for Osama. This will make it easier for Bush to pull off more Fallujahs and similar “operations” because Osama and Abu are evil and everybody knows you don’t compromise–or deal humanely—with evil on the scale perpetuated by al-Qaeda. You also get a hall pass when it comes to respecting international law.

Moreover, now that al-Zarqawi is the “emir” of the resistance, Bush and the Strausscons can tell the world that the occupation of Iraq is part and parcel of the bogus “war on terrorism.” In fact, they have said this all along—however, they will claim the moral high ground now that Osama has promoted al-Zarqawi to run the resistance.

Since Osama is calling for a “boycott” of the up-coming staged election—a so-called election so unpopular and reviled that the largest political party representing Iraq’s Sunni Muslim minority has refused to participate—and so, obviously, all who criticize the election (especially Sunnis) and have declared their intention not to participate are in league with Osama and al-Zarqawi. Or so the American people will be told through the Bush Ministry of Disinformation, viz. Fox News and its imitators.

The dead Osama has impeccable timing as well. In a few weeks Bush will be inaugurated—i.e., once again installed as a result of dubious electoral circumstances—and Osama’s less than fortuitously timed speeches and declarations will be referenced by Dubya as he kicks off his second “term,” another four years that will likely witness invasions of Iran and Syria (or at least determined attacks, since so many soldiers are tied down fighting Osama’s agents in Iraq—or at least trying not to get killed by an increasingly sophisticated and coordinated resistance that needs no help from the dead Osama bin Laden).

Osama bin Laden is truly our Emmanuel Goldstein, the mercurial leader of the resistance against Big Brother in Orwell’s dystopian novel, 1984. Of course, Bin Laden does not fit the bill entirely—Goldstein was at one time part of Big Brother’s party, whereas Osama was just a lowly CIA functionary—but the outcome is pretty much the same: Osama, like Goldstein, stirs up the masses, elicits enduring hatred and dread—Goldstein was used effectively to keep hatred and dread alive during “two minute hate” sessions. Even though the body of Osama is dead a buried, his soul lives on through audio tapes and a presence on the internet. Bush will get a lot of mileage out of his corpse over the next four years.