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Russian Scientist Predicts Massive Tsunamis in South America

MosNews | December 30 2004

A Russian scientist has warned that a deadly tsunami like the one that devastated south-east Asia over the weekend could strike in places like Ecuador, Peru, and Columbia.

Yevgeny Dolginov, a professor of geological studies at the Russian University for Peoples’ Friendship, estimated the risk to areas around the world using a theory based on tectonic plate movements, the Interfax news agency reported.

“I feel it is necessary to warn the embassies of countries located around the equator about the possibilities of massive earthquakes in the near future,” Dolginov was quoted as saying.

“According to my theory, there are lineaments that present a danger in terms of seismic activity.”

Among other possible danger zones, he named Equatorial New Guinea, Cameroon, Nigeria and Gabon.

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