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9/11 Commission continues cover-up, circles wagons for stumbling empire

Larry Chin | December 7 2005

In a newly issued report card on "national security", the bipartisan Kean-9/11 Commission has dutifully reinforced its official cover-up of 9/11, reinflating the 9/11 "war on terrorism" myth, and restoking terrorism propaganda and mass fear at the precise moment that the Bush administration itself is losing its credibililty and sway over the public, and the flagging US war of conquest is in desperate need of a boost.

Under the guise of a "blistering condemnation" of the administration, the 9/11 Commission panel (which continues to conduct its dirty work as the "9/11 Public Discourse Project") has circled the wagons for the New World Order, refreshing and refining the propaganda as needed with their self-congratulatory road shows, media events and bluster. The Bush administration, and all who were involved with the 9/11 crime, could ask for no greater friends.

The report, like the Commision's original 9/11 report, is an abomination that pushes the "war on terrorism" into hyperdrive, making sure that its draconian "reforms" are enacted by this, and successive, administrations. Among the specific horrors, the report card gives high grades to the creation of the office of National Intelligence, the National Counterterrorism Center, and various aspects of the Bush administration's "anti-terror" operations (Afghanistan, attacks on so-called "terrorist sanctuaries) and a myriad of "homeland security" measures. Low marks are given for the administration's slow enactment of the (more "nuanced") war policy endorsed by neoliberal elites.

Congressional Democrats (and their legions of "make us safe" believers), most of whom have enthusiastically supported the Bush administration on 9/11 and every draconian war and "anti-terror" policy since 2001, are as complicit and criminal as the Bush neocons themselves for catastrophic pillage of the United States and the entire world. They have fully cooperated with the Bush faction on "national security" (militarization), the expansion, centralization, and deepening of the power of the US "national security" apparatus, the USA PATRIOT Act, support for the genocidal wars on Afghanistan and Iraq, support for tomorrow's wars (against Iran, Syria, Venezuela, etc.), militarized "first response" to disasters, and other unprecedented abominations. All that is taking place now is that the Democrats are seizing the opportunity to steal back political power from the Republican faction, ahead of the 2006 elections.

Jumping immediately on the official deception bandwagon, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi declared that "the 9/11 commission's final report card is an indictment of the continued failure by the Bush administration and the Republican Congress to meet the security needs of our nation and make Americans safer." This is a repeat of the familiar and original lie. September 11 was not an "intelligence failure" but a smashing "intelligence success" for the New World Order.

Those who are administering the recipe for "making America safe" are doing the Orwellian opposite, fomenting continued war, violence and tragedy for the entire world, and furthering the installation of a police state within US borders.

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