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Pollard: Prisoner of Zion for Stealing U.S. Secrets

Kurt Nimmo | December 7 2005

Releasing jailed spy and Zionist traitor Jonathan Pollard in a swap for jailed Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti makes absolutely no sense. Pollard, while an employee at the Naval Anti-Terrorist Alert Center in Washington, sold out his country for a mess of pottage (more precisely, tens of thousands of dollars), handing over a garage-full of classified documents to the Lekem at the Israeli embassy, including copies of Radio-Signal Notations, a 10-volume manual detailing America’s global electronic surveillance network. For this treachery Pollard received life in prison.

Marwan Barghouti, on the other hand, is not a treacherous spy. He was a leader of the Fatah movement of the Palestinian Authority and the Palestinian Liberation Organization. As a leader of the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades, Barghouti was marked for targeted assassination by Israel. He was arrested and tried in civil court and convicted on May 20, 2004 of five counts of murder. Barghouti refused to defend himself and argued that the Israeli court lacked jurisdiction and that the trial itself was illegal. Barghouti said that he supported armed resistance to the Israeli occupation and condemned attacks on civilians. On June 6, 2004, he was sentenced to five life sentences for the five murders and 40 years imprisonment for the attempted murder. “I am suffering enormously after … one hundred days of [Israeli] incarceration, interrogation, torture and humiliation. Thousands of Palestinian [political] prisoners are experiencing the same conditions … but we shall not be frustrated [in our struggle], nor shall we succumb to Israeli terrorism,” Barghouti said during his trial.

Obviously, Barghouti is a political prisoner, whereas Pollard is a spy who betrayed his country. Barghouti “was the tribune of the ‘new Palestinian unity’ embodied in the National and Islamic Forces and founder of a generation of Fatah-affiliated militias that acted in concert with their Islamist ‘brothers’ rather than against them. In contrast to the silence of Yasser Arafat and the other Palestinian leaders Barghouti was lucid about what the Intifada signified: it was the Palestinian ‘war of independence’, he said, and would continue as long as independence was denied.”

In May of this year, leaders from Latin American and Arab nations signed a document in Brazil asserting the right to resist foreign occupation of sovereign states. “The draft final document of the ‘Declaration of Brasilia,’ which condemns Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territory, asserts the right of people to resist foreign occupation, demands that Israel dismantles settlements and withdraws to its pre-1967 borders, calls for the creation of an independent Palestinian State, denounces terrorism but calls for a global conference to define the meaning of a terrorist,” reports Pravda. “The declaration also lashes out at US economic sanctions against Syria and denounces terrorism, but also calls for a global conference to define the meaning of terrorist, in a clause that, according to the Arab side, was a clear reference to Israeli and American criticism of anti-Israeli occupation groups like the Palestinian Hamas and Lebanon’s Hizbollah…. Israeli groups as the Simon Wiesenthal Center condemned the declaration which, according to its spokesmen legitimates terrorists.”

In 1994, the Simon Wiesenthal Center demanded Pollard be released because “he thought by doing so he would serve the cause of peace. He is not currently a threat to the security of the United States. Further, he has admitted his guilt and taken full responsibility for his misdeeds.” In other words, violating 18 U.S.C. § 794 (c), the Federal law that makes it a crime to deliver defense information to a foreign government “with intent or reason to believe” that the information is to be used “to the advantage of a foreign nation” is no big deal and Pollard should be set free to go live in Israel, where he is considered a hero for stealing classified information out from under the nose of Israel’s “friend,” the United States (more accurately, the United States is a host for the Israeli parasite, a small corrupt and racist country that has finagled more than $85,000,000,000 out of America since 1949).

It should be noted that in Israel Pollard is considered a “Prisoner of Zion” and according Uri Ariel, member of the Israeli Knesset, the “Israeli public is united in its wish to see Pollard free. 112 MKs signed a request to President Bush to release him.” The Arutz Sheva Israel Broadcasting Network comments: “MK Ariel also read aloud a letter from Pollard, in which he expresses his pride at having saved many Jews with his actions, and a prayer for his release written by former Chief Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu.” In other words, Pollard is unrepentant for stealing classified NSA documents (considered TOP SECRET UMBRA) and thus compromising one of NSA’s most important sources and methods of intelligence gathering, and for our “friends” in Israel this act makes one a “Prisoner of Zion” (according to a 1992 Israeli Compensation Law a person may be declared a “Prisoner of Zion” if they have been imprisoned or spent at least six months in detention or exile because of their Zionist activity in a country where such activity was illegal, and if that person is an Israeli citizen by power of return and a resident of Israel). It is indicative that the Israeli parliament and people consider espionage against the United States “Zionist activity.” Is it possible the same consider the spying conducted by Larry Franklin and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee “Zionist activity” as well?

If Bush agrees to this patently transparent “swap” of Marwan Barghouti—who means nothing to the United States and provides no political advantage—for the traitor Jonathan Pollard, it will send a clear message: traitorous “Prisoners of Zion” receive Get Out of Jail Free cards for selling this country down the river, prompting us to ask—who actually runs this country and why is Jonathan Pollard so important, and why is not important to send a message to spies and traitors that if you break the law you pay the price? Of course, the answer is obvious: increasingly, radical Zionists hold sway over the government of this country, from the White House to Congress and the Pentagon, from “friends” (bought or intimidated) of Israel and Christian Zionists in Congress to dual loyalty Straussian neocons in the White House and the Pentagon.

As for Marwan Barghouti, we can rest assured that if he is released from Israeli prison he will eventually end up dead meat. Barghouti is a very popular Palestinian leader and once released he will resume his activism on behalf of ending the occupation and creating a Palestinian state and this will naturally make him a target for the murderous IOF as the official policy in Israel is to assassinate any effective leader or activist and keep the Palestinians as slaves indefinitely.


As an example of how biased the government of Israel is, consider that they have demanded for years that Pollard be released—since Zionists believe America’s secrets are Israel’s to peruse—and yet Mordechai Vanunu, the Israeli former nuclear technician who revealed details of Israel’s nuclear weapons program to the British press in 1986 (while Israel lied and told the world it didn’t have nukes), went to prison for 18 years, more than 11 years of which were served in solitary confinement. Interesting Israelis consider him a traitor and Pollard a hero, demonstrating how self-serving and corrupt the Israeli people are, or those who think Pollard should go free and Vanunu should stay in prison.

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