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MP wants talks on CIA 'torture flight' stops

Scotsman | December 7 2005

EDINBURGH MP John Barrett has called for an urgent parliamentary debate on the use of Scottish airports as re-fuelling stops for so-called CIA torture flights.

Mr Barrett made the call following warnings from legal experts that the British Government may be guilty of breaking international law if it has allowed the flights to land.

The CIA has been accused of transporting suspected terrorists to Eastern Europe so aggressive interrogation techniques outlawed in the US can be deployed. Edinburgh Airport has been named by the American authorities as one of several Scottish airports used for so-called "rendition" stops.

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice yesterday insisted that America did not practise torture or transport detainees to places where they believed they would be tortured.

But Mr Barrett said:

"Condoleezza Rice must not be allowed to dodge the issue. I will keep up the fight."

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