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Ignore the tired cliché of "Idiot America"

Steve Watson | December 14 2005

The ignorance is angering and frightening.

Watch as the reporter in this piece asks ridiculous questions about Iraq and gets back real Americans' opinions.

We "should kill as many Iraqi civilians as Americans died on 9/11 to even things out", "We should destroy the whole country, because we are the superpower", "We should nuke them to hell like we did the Japanese".

Statements like this highlight how a vast swathe of people are completely detached from reality. They justify their opinions by suggesting that "they came over here and did it to us, so we should do the same to them" - what in God's name does that mean? Seriously, I don't know what that means!

Imagine the bedlam that would ensue if a video like this came out of somewhere like North Korea with its people displaying opinions like these about America.

These people are complete dumbed down morons who have no respect or care for anything in the world than their own pitiful lives. They are not engaged in anything meaningful and would happily see every thing outside their own little existence destroyed so long as it didn't change their way of life.

Some say such opinions are bred by fear and the natural reaction to fear is aggression and violence, I say that these people are not even in any kind of fear, because they are barely aware of what is happening beyond their own skulls, they are just completely ignorant.

Notice that the reporter is Australian. No doubt this piece will be shown on many Australian satire shows to prove how dumb and dangerous America is.

Over here in Britain we are subjected to endless amounts of POLICE STOP ACTION CRASH BANG WALLOP WHAT A VIDEO cop shows set in America whereby the cops are chasing down some kind of criminal trash who smashes up his car and is then taken down because he shot his own mother. Both the cops and the trash come across to British people as total scum and this is what they then think America is like.

If it's not this type of show it's something like Friends, the whole point of which is to show how self absorbed, shallow and ridiculous these yuppie characters are. Yet the people that watch it don't really see that because that's the way they are themselves, that's why they find it so hilarious.

I used to find myself engaging endlessly in these kind of arguments with people who consistently watched things like Friends, trying to turn them on to more important things and show them how those things can be both exciting, stimulating and entertaining. Then I thought why am I bothering? If they want to watch it let them, it's a waste of energy engaging with anyone on that subject.

As an English person I am so sick of seeing this stupid cliché played out over and over, this idea of "idiot America" is tired and annoying. Yes there are idiots, a lot of them, but quite frankly they're not in the game, they're bystanders and their opinions won't matter until they actually engage in the real world, so just ignore them.

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