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Video: US Troops Bemoan Not Being Able To Shoot Iraqi Kids Who Threw Rocks

What's your problem with mowing down little kids, it's part of the freedom! After all, we were told they'd greet us as liberators by throwing flowers!

In all seriousness, this shows the mentality of troops who five years ago were zit faced kids playing violent video games which scientific studies prove lower the 'shock tolerance' of the brain in response to killing people.

If you had rocks thrown at your car would you pull over, step out of the car and blow the kids' brains out?

The behaviour of the Iraqis is again clear indication that they despise being occupied. Recent polls show that they preferred life under Saddam. His corruption and torture was only on a good old boy scale, not the mechanized system of tyranny that is now in place.

Previous videos where troops randomly gun down Iraqi drivers and crush cars with Abrams tanks because the guy stole some wood are linked below.

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