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NSA Snoop Story: Tell Me Something I Don’t Already Know

Kurt Nimmo | December 24 2005

For some reason the fact the NSA is snooping on Americans at the behest of Bush and the Straussian neocons is big news these days. In fact, the NSA has snooped on people considered enemies of the state for years, most recently through its Echelon technology.

Echelon, according to Patrick S. Poole, is “being used for purposes well outside its original mission [supposedly keeping tabs on “rogue states”]. The regular discovery of domestic surveillance targeted at American civilians for reasons of ‘unpopular’ political affiliation or for no probable cause at all in violation of the First, Fourth and Fifth Amendments of the Constitution—are consistently impeded by very elaborate and complex legal arguments and privilege claims by the intelligence agencies and the US government. The guardians and caretakers of our liberties, our duly elected political representatives, give scarce attention to these activities, let alone the abuses that occur under their watch.” Poole wrote this before Bush was “elected,” before nine eleven and the Patriot Act. Of course, things are far worse now, as recent revelations demonstrate. It is basically a matter of degree, however.

Bush tells us he is allowed to snoop on Americans because al-CIA-duh is an ominous threat to America. Bush and the Zionist neocons who pull his strings consider the Constitution little more than a “goddamn piece of paper” and the First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments little more than a doormat to wipe their blood-stained shoes on. As for “al-Qaeda,” it is a contrivance of the intelligence monolith (primarily consisting of the NSA, CIA, MI-6, Mossad, and a scattering of lesser snoop and murder organizations working more or less in tandem on the global totalitarianism project). It should be obvious to all who pay attention that al-CIA-duh is nothing more than a scary apparition used to frighten the gullible masses into surrendering what remains of their long assaulted civil liberties.

Naturally, the NSA—at the behest of the Zionist neocons in the Bush administration—is snooping on Americans who are opposed to their diabolical master plan for world domination, beginning in the Middle East.

It’s been like this since Truman set up the national security state in the late 1940s and the snoop and subversion program reached its natural apogee during the Nixon years (i.e., COINTELPRO, Operation Chaos, etc.), aimed primarily at African Americans, American Indians, Puerto Rican nationalists, and antiwar activists (and in recent years against the environmental and patriot movements). It never went away and continued through Reagan, Bush Senior, Clinton, and now Bush the Dumber, or rather the particular brand of Zionist and neolib fascist surrounding Bush (who is an alcoholic burnout barely able to make it day to day, let alone put together a fascist state apparatus).

No doubt the NSA is tracking my email and internet destinations (and if you arrive at this site, no doubt as well they are logging your IP address). However, if indeed the NSA is snooping me, they are wasting their time—for my “subversive” (i.e., disagreeing with the government) behavior is on display more or less daily on this blog and the NSA need not waste precious resources snooping my email and internet traffic. As for the web sites I visit, they are all listed over there on the left side. Additional destinations include photography sites and a lot of activity on Flickr (a photography forum). I write very little email and have included nothing in email that has not appeared on this blog. I have nothing to hide.

In fact, if the NSA snoops me, they are probably bored out of their minds—I am relatively conservative; I don’t drink, take drugs, or carry on with extramarital affairs.

So the NSA should apply their resources elsewhere.

It would be more economical for them to simply visit the site every day or so and capture the text and put it in their enemies database.

It would save them time and money.

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