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Warnings of Major Terrorist Attack Appear on Moscow Buildings

MosNews | December 30 2005

FLASHBACK: Russian FSB caught blowing up buildings

People from western districts of the Russian capital have found flyers warning about a major terrorist attack planned for New Year’s Day on their homes, Ekho Moskvy radio station reported.

Unknown people posted copies of a telephone telegram allegedly signed by a prefect of Moscow’s Western district. The paper said that rebel leaders had planned an armed attack for Dec. 31 in the city.

The deputy prefect Alexander Elizarov called the appearance of the advertisements “a provocation”, saying he knew nothing about such a document. He, however, told the radio that the local authorities are holding a meeting of their anti-terrorism commission on Friday.

Ekho Moskvy radio station’s source confirmed that there was information about rebels planning to carry out terrorist attacks on New Year’s Day in Moscow, but it was not confirmed.

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