The Debunkers Have Been Debunked Perry

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Thursday, December 7, 2006

Perry is just trying to show how foolish the dittoheaded mockingbirds are that read the debunking sites and the 9/11 hit pieces then go counter every 9/11 debate with their broken one-liner logic and links to those garbage sites instead of facing the facts.

There are hundreds of these jibbering fools that have developed their own haikus that somehow make it not a conspiracy.

Bush is oh so dumb.
Think he can spell cover up?
Tin Foil Nutjob.

As if some petty limerick can solve an investigation of this magnitude.

And they say that someone elses logic is flawed... Just because he's incompetent he can't be a criminal? Then the steaming pile that if it was a conspiracy then the coverup would be flawless. Why are there holes in the official cover up? ... Because they are stupid. They don't know how to do a cover up, much like everything else they touch, it turned to... well... not gold.

So... I made this because the satire of his videos might be lost on that crowd.



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