Video: Terror drama mocks 9/11 'truthseekers'

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Earlier this week, TV cable channel Showtime began the second season of Sleeper Cell: American Terror. The clip, from the show's season opener, begins with mastermind Farik (played by Oded Fuhr) facing torture at the hands of his American interrogators.

"Terrorist" characters on the show mock people who don't believe the official government explanation for Sep. 11. The character of a Bosnian terrorist, Ilija Korjenic (played by Henry Lubatti), shares an intimate moment with fellow terrorist, Mina (portrayed by Thelka Reuten). For a few moments, they sarcastically repeat familiar 9/11 conspiracy theories.

Show dialog (warning: contains profanity):

Female: You know every time we have sex it's like the ultimate 'Fuck you' to Bush, Cheney, and the whole 9/11 plot.

I just keep picturing Guiliani and the rest of those assholes supervising the whole thing from that 15 million dollar bunker on the 23rd floor of building 7.

You know thats where they broadcast the homing signal from? [To] make sure the planes would hit the towers.

Male: I know and the Pentagon was actually hit by a CIA global hawk drone so the administration could start an endless war and turn America into a police state.

Female: And what idiot could believe that Osama Bin Laden and his cave dwelling muslim militia managed to outsmart the CIA, the NSA, and the Pentagon - unless Uncle Sam was behind the whole thing.

Male: Not me.



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