Dobbs And Goodman Clash During Firey Immigration Debate
CNN host slams Democracy Now anchor for implying Minutemen are responsible for killing illegal immigrants

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Wednesday, December 5, 2007


CNN host Lou Dobbs, who has gained widespread notoriety for his scathing condemnation of the Bush administration's open border policy and the push for a North American Union, slammed Amy Goodman during an immigration debate on Democracy Now yesterday for implying that the Minutemen are responsible for killing illegal immigrants on the border.

Dobbs and Goodman clashed numerous times during the hour long segment on a whole host of issues, notably when Goodman attempted to smear Dobbs by linking him with individuals that the Southern Poverty Law Center and the ADL castigated as belonging to hate groups. Dobbs responded by pointing out that the SPLC and the ADL are both advocacy groups that favor open borders.

Goodman later attempted to trip Dobbs up by playing a clip of him discussing the North American Union, an ad hominem swipe at suggesting such an agenda was non-existent. Dobbs calmly retorted by detailing the factual progression of the NAU, to which Goodman had no comeback.

The climax came at the very end when Goodman implied, with no evidence to back up such an absurd claim, that the Minutemen border patrol group were responsible for killing illegal immigrants attempting to enter America.

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Dobbs slammed Goodman and asked her to cite one example of violence involving the Minutemen, to which she was mute, before asking why she was seemingly unconcerned about Mexican drug runners that shoot at and kill American border patrol agents as well as Mexican and American citizens on a routine basis.

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AMY GOODMAN: Are you concerned with, among others, one of the founders of the Minutemen being found with a gun, patrolling the border; issues like these? This is of concern, when there are so many immigrants who are found in the desert dead, not clear why they die.

LOU DOBBS: Oh, are you implying that the Minutemen are killing them?

AMY GOODMAN: No. But just—

LOU DOBBS: Then why would you say such a thing?

AMY GOODMAN: My question is—

LOU DOBBS: That’s terrible, Amy. I mean, good Lord!

AMY GOODMAN: My question is, when—

LOU DOBBS: Let’s answer one question: has there ever been a single incident of violence recorded on the part of the Minutemen on the border?

AMY GOODMAN: I believe—wasn’t there—

LOU DOBBS: There has never been.

AMY GOODMAN: I’m not—haven’t there been cases of immigrants who come over the border, who have been chased, who have been shot at, who have been beaten?

LOU DOBBS: That would be an incident of violence. That would be an incident of violence, wouldn’t it? To my knowledge, there has never been an incident of violence on the part of the Minutemen.

AMY GOODMAN: But the idea of armed men on the border—

LOU DOBBS: Oh, come on!

AMY GOODMAN: —not authorized by the United States?

LOU DOBBS: Does it bother you that there are armed drug cartel members firing on law enforcement officers on the border, killing Mexican citizens, US citizens?

JUAN GONZALEZ: Absolutely.

LOU DOBBS: Does any of this bother you?

JUAN GONZALEZ: Absolutely does, yes.

LOU DOBBS: I would hope to heck it bothers you. Why would the Minutemen even be under discussion by comparison to that issue?

Parts 1-6 of the debate are embedded below.





Democracy Now often promotes the concept of free speech. I have watched numerous shows regarding this issue on the site. Yet when it comes to a dissenting political view Democracy now is all to ready to jump the gun and give it derogatory labels in an attempt at censorship.

Democracy Now apparently stands for control of speech, more then free speech. Control of those that would offer the dissenting view. If this is what democracy has become, I want no part of it. Remember the concept, I may not agree with you, but I will support your right? Where did that idea of free speech go?

Amy Goodman should be so critical of her own shows. A recent show had a guest from Southern Poverty Law Center on along with Lou Dobbs. While criticizing Lou Dobbs, Amy failed to note that SPLC has the actions of the two border partrol agents Ramos and Compean as an example of a hate crime.

Ramos and Compen shot a Mexican native transporting large quanities of illicit drugs into the U.S. They were convicted of crimes regarding the shooting and given prison terms. Members of both sides of the aisle in Congress has asked Bush to pardon them. A court has said the case went to far. Yet SPLC blames the out cry against the injustice on "right wing misinformation campaign".

The case is available on the internet, and most readers find it a miscarrige of justice rather then a 'hate crime'. Most do not take the time to read it.

Further cases of SPLC's unjustified labeling exist.


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