Ron Paul Support Climbing in Presidential Race

Tuesday December 11, 2007

There are two types of political candidates. There are those who start strong and those who finish strong. Republican Ron Paul says he's shooting for the second option.

The Texas Congressman is in Sioux City Tuesday spreading what he calls the Ron Paul Revolution. KMEG 14's Denise Hnytka explains.

Compared with this summer, Ron Paul says he's feeling much more optimistic about his standing in the race for the Republican nomination. He told a Sioux City crowd he hasn't hit his peak just yet.

Bill Stegmeier hops on the South Dakota for Ron Paul Mobile. It's a bandwagon that's logged close to 7,000 miles. Inside the van are just a couple of guys looking for someone to believe in. They're guys who haven't found it in the typical front-runners.

"He supports the average working man," said Nicholas Hudelson. "And that's what I am. I work for a living."

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Ron Paul says they're the reason he's making a surge this late in the game.

"It's really striking a cord with a lot of people," said Ron Paul. "A lot of young people have joined the campaign, and its reflecting in the fundraising. The fundraising actually gets easier and easier for us."

It's a humble take on politics in a campaign of celebrities and endorsements.

"I know I don't want to be last," he said. "We're striving to go to the top. That's about all I can say. For a long time we've been written off. We'd win all these polls after the debates and people would say it's just a couple of his friends that can use the internet."

But in reality, it's a couple of friends and the Ron Paul Mobile.

Ron Paul was actually the Libertarian candidate in the 1988 Presidential Election. But now the party wants him back in their corner. Ron Paul says while their offer is flattering, he has no intention of going back to the Independents.

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