Bias USA Today Hit Piece Bristles At Ron Paul You Tube Success
Corporate owned establishment media scrambles to protect Fed

Throughout the following article USA today takes swipes at Ron Paul's online success with back handed poe faced snide.

Ron Paul's YouTube rants about Bernanke grab attention

Sue Kirchhoff
Wednesday December 12, 2007

Texas Congressman Ron Paul is getting help from an improbable source in his long-shot bid for the Republican presidential nomination: Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.

Video clips of Paul — who supports the gold standard and has sponsored a bill to abolish the Fed — ripping into Bernanke at congressional hearings are getting hundreds of thousands of hits on the video-sharing website YouTube.

ROUND 1 (VIDEO): Ron Paul lets loose on Bernanke (YouTube)
ROUND 2 (VIDEO): Ron Paul lets loose on Bernanke (YouTube)

The Paul tongue lashings (they can't really be termed question-and-answer sessions, as Bernanke barely gets a word in edgewise) have also been posted to other websites by Paul backers.

In the footage Paul, a physician by training, warns Bernanke, a Ph.D. economist and former chairman of Princeton's economics department, that he is shoveling too much money into the economy.

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Paul's charges may be serving to pump up the amount of cash flowing into his own campaign coffers. Comments posted with the videos include requests that viewers donate to Paul. The Texas lawmaker has raised more than $10.6 million in the fourth quarter, double the third quarter's total of $5.28 million.

The maverick lawmaker just months ago was little known beyond supporters in such political groups as the Libertarian Party or the Constitution Party.

But Paul has developed a grass-roots following, with rising poll numbers.

"This monetary issue finally is starting to rise to the forefront," says Jesse Benton, Paul campaign national press secretary. "It is the most defining issue of the campaign."

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