Paul's pals move to N.H. to cast votes

Jessica Holzer
The Hill
Wednesday December 12, 2007

MANCHESTER, N.H. — They revel in the voting record that earned him the nickname “Dr. No.”

They swap stories about his triumphs in Congress, like the time he challenged his fellow lawmakers to bankroll a medal for Rosa Parks rather than bill the American taxpayer.

Now some have even upended their lives to move to New Hampshire — in some cases making cross-country treks — to help propel their long-shot candidate in this state’s all-important Republican primary.

“I didn’t believe he existed. I didn’t believe a libertarian could exist in Congress,” said Vijay Boyapati, 29, who quit a lucrative job in Seattle as an engineer at Google to set up house in this state and volunteer full-time for his man.

Among the dark horses in the race for the Republican presidential nomination, Rep. Ron Paul (Texas) has inspired the most fervent of supporters.

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Many say they’ve never been moved to vote before. Most acknowledge they hadn’t even heard of Paul until recently. Seething with rage over the Iraq war, busted budgets and corruption in Washington, they stumbled upon his anti-tax, anti-neocon message during late-night Internet searches.

One YouTube clip of the Texas Republican taking one of his iconoclastic stances — like his support for abolishing the Federal Reserve — and they were hooked.

“Ten hours later …” as one supporter put it, calculating the time he spent tied to his computer screen listening to clips of Paul.

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