Ron Paul Set To Smash Fundraising Record
Congressman set to raise at least $6 million, possibly $7 million

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Sunday, December 16, 2007


Presidential candidate Ron Paul is on course to smash the record for fundraising in one day and is likely to make anything up to $7 million dollars by midnight as donors flood the campaign coffers on Tea Party day.

The Congressman is set to make at least $6 million today, which would eclipse John Kerry's $5.7 million in one day record.

The Ron Paul campaign confirmed that $3 million had been raised after the first 14 hours of the campaign and with most people set to donate in the evening, that figure is likely to at least double, with some estimating he could rake in as much as $7 million and $20 million in total over the quarter.

The Congressman has also passed the 100,000 mark for individual donations during the 4th quarter, which is on a par with Hillary Clinton and Rudy Giuliani.

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Even if Paul were to fail in the Republican field, he can count on an army of motivated donors who would all be eligible to donate again should he run as a third party candidate.

As ever, one of the most interesting aspects of today's monumental outpouring of support for the Congressman will be the media's reaction to it.

Last time they demonized Paul as a proxy terrorist because the donation day had been chosen to coincide with November 5th, while others attempted to ignore the issue altogether.

With the Congressman set to break new ground again it will be impossible to ignore this time around and we should fully expect to see hit pieces come rolling in tomorrow.

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