Neocons Revise WMD Entry on Wikipedia Propaganda Portal

Kurt Nimmo
Thursday December 13, 2007


It would be easy to shrug off the Wikipedia propaganda portal if not for the fact the online “encyclopedia” gets preferential treatment for the mega-search engine, Google.

“Hitwise put together some data which shows the increase of Google traffic to Wikipedia over the past year and reveals that Google downstream traffic to Wikipedia is up 166% year over year,” explains Loren Baker, editor of the Search Engine Journal. “Hitwise data showed that for the week ending Feb 10, 2007, 70% of Wikipedia’s upstream visits came from search engines, with 50% from Google alone.” In short, chances are high you will be directed to Wikipedia for any number of searches, for instance information on the weapons of mass destruction scam unleashed by the neocons and serving as a pretext to invade Iraq and slaughter well over a million people.

In fact, this is precisely what happened back in 2005, according to Nick Farrell of the Inquirer. Wikipedia “has been edited by a Bush friendly member of the US House of Representatives,” in other words a neocon, reports Farrell. “Apparently the person was so concerned that people no longer bought the story about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq that he or she took to tampering with the Whackypedia entry.” Of course, since just about any miscreant can “edit” a “Whackypedia entry,” it may not considered “tampering,” not exactly.

The entry was edited by someone with a House of Representatives IP address to make the bizarre claim that there was a link between the terrorist organization al Qaeda and the Iraq government.

The fact that no link has ever been found, other on Whackypedia, has been a source of embarrassment for the Bush administration. Parts of the article which show proof that there were no links have been watered down by the use of the words “it is claimed”. Thus a statement like “the sky is blue”, has become the “sky is blue it is claimed”.

There are also comments justifying Mr. Bush’s actions which at the time were made on the fiction that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

The revision was made in 2005 but has only come to light now that software can tell who has been attempting to mess with your mind on Wackypedia.

One has to wonder how reliable an encyclopedia is when it peddles government propaganda in an almost Orwellian manner and forces people who disagree with it to ‘disappear’ from history.

See the neocon “revision” here.

Incidentally, this fallacious claim, easily debunked, was disseminated repeatedly by the corporate media, so it is not exactly correct to that it was exclusive to the Wikipedia propaganda portal, a favorite watering hole for the likes of the CIA, Republican Party, the Church of Scientology, ExxonMobil, Dow Chemical, Diebold, Boeing, the Israeli government and others.

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