Scottish School To Get Talking CCTV Cameras

Aberdeen Evening Express
Saturday December 15, 2007

A School that was almost burned down by vandals could get Scotland's first "talking" CCTV cameras.

A Big Brother-style loudspeaker system could soon warn off troublemakers like those who set fire to Peterhead's Clerkhill Primary during this year's summer break.

The Buchan school was extensively damaged by the blaze. And it was hit for a second time last month, when thugs started a small fire at a doorway.

The pilot security scheme would link up to the school's existing CCTV.

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Guards monitoring the system could issue warnings to troublemakers through loudspeakers.

The aim is to scare off vandals with a disembodied voice in the darkness.

And litterbugs could be told: "Pick that up and put it in the bin." If successful at Clerkhill, the system could be rolled out across Aberdeenshire.

Britain's first talking CCTV cameras were introduced England in April.

The Peterhead plan was discussed at a meeting of members of the education service and Grampian Police.

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