Ron Paul: “The kooky people are running the show”

USA Daily
Saturday December 15, 2007

GOP fund raising frontrunner, Ron Paul, tells NOW | PBS, “If we continue to do the right thing and there’s support out there, we’re going to win”.

Ron Paul talking to NOW/PBS about running for president and voter sentiment said, “I didn’t know how much of it existed, how unhappy the American people were. I was very reluctant to do this.”

About troops in Iraq Paul said he’d “Bring them home as quickly as possible.”

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Paul also said, “If they call me kooky and extreme then they’re calling the Constitution kooky and extreme.” He said, “If you need money you print it and spend it that’s a kooky idea. The appeal that we have is our common sense.”

Ron Paul also spoke about personal liberty and property rights.

The PBS program will air at 8:30PM eastern time and can be viewed online at NOW | PBS.

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