History Record Ron Paul Campaign Turned on Dec 18th?

Wednesday December 19, 2007

The $6 million mass donation day for Ron Paul on Dec 16th was a big success, but December 18th when Ron Paul quoted Sinclair Lewis on fascism and explained his views about freedom and free markets on the Glenn Beck program, was likely a historical turning point in the American, and even global, conversation about freedom. On this day, too, it might well be said the Ron Paul campaign fully “arrived.”

The American political conversation is now beginning to be dominated by his words, personality and philosophy. On Dec 18th, he definitively moved beyond the “kook” stage, and appropriated what will be an increasingly strong national, and even international, presence.

Where do his critics go from here? They can attack him personally, they can certainly try to drag his good name “through the mud” but to do so would only anger his supporters, for the “cult” that Ron Paul has been accused of building, is a cult of ideas, not of personality.

Of course, Ron Paul, as FMNN once wrote, is “a man.” All men are flawed, and mortal, too. But the ideas that Ron Paul espouses are as old as humanity itself. They will not go away, and the Internet has awakened them. Ron Paul, as he himself will admit, is their handmaiden or “spokesperson.”

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His voice, indeed, is ever-louder and more provocative – in a gentlemanly way. On the morning of the Day That Was, Ron Paul quoted the wonderful leftist hack, Sinclair Lewis, to explain campaign rival Mike Huckabee’s apparent "fascist" tendencies. In the evening, Ron Paul was on the Glenn Beck Show, explaining the basics of free-market literacy for a full hour, and reaching millions. The idea that a man almost as well as versed in free-market Austrian economics as the great FA Hayek himself could be on air at CNN talking about these concepts is nearly unfathomable and a direct result of the Internet and its powerful communications technology.

When the “dust finally settled,” the Huckabee campaign had just about spun itself into exhaustion trying to explain what increasingly seemed to be fairly obvious religious pandering. Meanwhile, Glenn Beck, who had virtually called Ron Paul and his supporters “enemies of the state” was declaring that loved Ron Paul and wanted to “French kiss” him. "A day of days?"

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