Beck Complains Of Threats, Yet Wanted To "Kill Michael Moore"
Uses part of Ron Paul interview to suggest his supporters are dangerous

Steve Watson & Paul Watson
Prison Planet
Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Ron Paul appeared on Glenn Beck's CNN show last night for a full hour in what was, it has to be said, a fair interview, rare as that concept has been in the past where Beck is concerned. However, Beck couldn't resist straying away from Ron Paul's campaign issues towards the end of the interview in order to complain that he has received several death threats from people who claim to support Paul.

The thinly veiled attack was clearly designed to suggest that Ron Paul's supporters are dangerous and that this reflects on his policies, a smear tactic Beck has previously used, and one that most likely landed him with said threats in the first instance.

A bemused Ron Paul was of course cornered into condemning any threat of violence, despite not having any knowledge of what Beck was referring to. However it is quite impossible to have any sympathy for Beck given the fact that not only does he regularly regurgitate the "kill those darn Islamists before they kill us" mantra, but has also personally threatened to kill people whose views he condemns, namely those of film maker Michael Moore.

Credit goes to blogspot Real Truth Online for pointing out that on May 17, 2005, Glenn Beck, on his radio show, said the following:

“Hang on, let me just tell you what I'm thinking. I'm thinking about killing Michael Moore, and I'm wondering if I could kill him myself, or if I would need to hire somebody to do it. No, I think I could. I think he could be looking me in the eye, you know, and I could just be choking the life out -- is this wrong? I stopped wearing my What Would Jesus -- band -- Do, and I've lost all sense of right and wrong now. I used to be able to say, "Yeah, I'd kill Michael Moore," and then I'd see the little band: What Would Jesus Do? And then I'd realize, "Oh, you wouldn't kill Michael Moore. Or at least you wouldn't choke him to death." And you know, well, I'm not sure”.

Listen to the audio:

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No explanation of Beck's incredible hypocrisy is required, instead here is Ron Paul's elegant response which Beck should maybe take more careful consideration of in the future:

"All I can do is address the subject of violence, I am committed to non violence, no initiation of aggression, these are my political viewpoints, I believe in political change coming about through the mode of Gandhi and Martin Luther King, through non-violence. I happen to believe that we should practice these principles both domestically against individuals as well as other countries, this is the reason I don't want to use aggression against other countries to bring about change. I don't ever want to initiate aggression, this is what is in our constitution and so I reject anybody who would use violence."

We support this view 100% and have always urged a commitment to non violence and peaceful political activism, sadly Mr Beck, you cannot say the same.

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