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Big Brother in full effect at Super Bowl XL

Evan Blass / Engadget | Feb 2 2006

For anyone who doubts that we live in a 1984esque society, the high-tech surveillance that is planned for Super Bowl XL this Sunday should prove once and for all that not only has Big Brother arrived, he's moved in, unpacked, and cracked open a beer. According to super-secret spy gear manufacturer Intrepid Defense & Security Systems, the 5,468 law enforcement agencies monitoring everyone's movements, facial features, and heartbeats will have a new tool at their disposal for the first time at the 'Bowl- live-action 3-D holograms projected inside a box so top secret that this is the only pic we could find. The fuzz will be getting their spy-on from surveillance vans patrolling Detroit, and use remote long range, hidden miniature, and embedded street cameras to stream data to the LiveVision3D display and rendering software for viewing "three-dimensional holography that can reveal shadows, angles, depths and details unseen by conventional imaging." Since we have a few unpaid parking tickets from our college days, and shouldn't risk this type of public exposure, we think we'll skip the full-on surveillance assault and catch the game on our pimped out rig instead (from the Ultimate Man Cave Couch, perhaps?).

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