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President raises fear, takes away freedoms | Feb 2 2006

President Bush has fed us conservatives' patriotic rhetoric and legislative doggie biscuits with one hand, while sucker-punching our constitutional freedoms with the other.

The war on terror is being used to control the world's oil and frighten the American people into trading their freedoms for security. An Orwellian-scale protection racket; the new Gestapo. Your freedoms are the real target.

Our troops are only following orders and should be supported and encouraged.

The war in Iraq can be summed up with one word: oil. The oil companies, utilities and their political cronies will emerge the only winners.

Political news Web site Capital Hill Blue, citing three people present at an Oval Office meeting, reported that Bush angrily told congressmen that the Constitution is "just a piece of paper." Historically, dictators have seized power under the guise of protecting those they mean to enslave.

Seems it has become trendy for those who enforce the law to presumptuously legislate and enforce their own arbitrary law. After all, the Constitution and democratic process are so very cumbersome. A police state is much more productive.

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