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Rush: "Osama Is Irrelevant"

Crooks and Liars | February 2 2006

Comment: Limbaugh will bleat on all day when some 'Al-Qaeda number three' is captured for the second time but then totally contradict his oxy-contin riddled carcass.

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Listen to Limbaugh play the weasel game:

Reader Mark writes: "A woman named Angelica asks Rush a simple question on today's Oxycontin Cow show. If our government is so sophisticated and intelligent, why is Osama still on the lose." Seems like a pretty straight forward question doesn't it? Then he takes that simple question, twists it so that the question morphs into something illogical and seemingly disconnected from reality - in order for his answer to make a ferret dropping's worth of sense."

I don't have to give any number of reasons why it was and is important to capture Osama, (any person with a modicum of intelligence would know that) but not in the world of the "Lord of all Bush apologists."

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