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Biometrics, ID cards, tagging, DNA kits being pushed on kids

Steve Watson / Prisonplanet | February 21 2006

A Reader has alerted us to the following website and stalls all around the country that are actively pushing biometrics, ID cards and "do it yourself" DNA kits on children.

The reader comments:

I was shopping for groceries at my Local Albertsons when I saw the all
too familiar Child Fingerprinting tables.

They are part of a Child ID program called Child Protection Education
of America.

The fingerprint card produced in the "ID ME NOW" program not only
contains the fingerprint scans and a digital photograph of a child, but
it also supplies instructions on how to perform a DNA collection.

here is a link to kidsafeid.

While there is considerable resistance to National ID cards with
Biometrics, such as retina scan, DNA, and fingerprints, they have no
problem pushing this on kids " TO KEEP THEM SAFE "

The rational behind the program according to KidsafeID is that "A child is reported missing every 40 seconds in the United States alone."

Right, so carrying a biometric ID card will prevent that?

The site goes on to say

"In this situation, the first thing needed is an accurate and immediate description of your child. Do not try to rely on your memory at this point - your mind will be so frantically focused on finding your child that you may cause more confusion than clarity. Also, do not think that a child ID kept at home (like a video, a home fact file, or a snapshot) will help in this situation."

So basically you will be so out of your mind with worry that you will forget what your own child looks like - and a normal picture of the child WILL DO NO GOOD.

What utter claptrap.

Whether or not you believe this company is controlled by someone else higher up or is simply cashing in on the current march towards the biometric surveillance police state, it is acclimatizing our children and making them think that having your retina scanned and your DNA logged is normal and necessary to keep you safe.

The company even suggests tagging children like they are dogs.

"It's is also important for children to have a resourse with your contact information on them. If they are injured or lost, the identifying information can help law enforcement or concerned citizens contact you. ID tags, complete with parent name and phone numbers, can be tied into shoes, backpacks, wallets, fanny packs or purses."

Use this page to contact KidsafeID and voice your disgust.

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