Ed Brown: Who Do You Trust?

Christian Words
Monday, February 5, 2007

Anticipating another interview with Ed Brown, John Klar prepared this brief video to alert Americans to what their government has been up to, and to ask the question: Who do we trust?

The mainstream media and the United States Government are supposed to be protecting the free speech and other Constitutional rights of the American people. But at their trial, the government denied all of Ed and Elaine Brown’s motions questioning the legality of the federal income tax, and has sought repeatedly to discredit people like the Browns. The mainstream media has been all too willing to assist in this process, ignoring many of the claims of people like Ed and Elaine, instead portraying them as misinformed or deluded lawbreakers.

In this video, a former attorney who has spent many hours talking with Ed Brown explains some of the glaring problems with America’s federal government, and some of the issues that Ed Brown is trying to alert Americans about, but which the government would prefer were not discussed. Are Americans’ Constitutional protections being rapidly eroded by the federal government which is supposed to protect them? Is Ed Brown, a Constitutional Ranger, trying to defend the freedoms he took an oath to protect? This video includes facts and links to find the answers – to find the truth. Increasingly the question has become: who can Americans trust – the federal government, or people like Ed Brown?



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