Video: UK tabloid shows cockpit video of friendly fire striking British convoy

David Edwards
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Tuesday, February 6, 2007  

Update: The US has agreed to let a video showing friendly fire incident be made public. Read the AP story here.

The British newspaper The Sun has made available a cockpit video showing a friendly fire incident during the early phases of the Iraq War, in 2003, when American planes fired accidentally on a British convoy, killing British soldiers and a reporter.

CNN broadcast the video this morning. After the strike, one American pilot said to the other "good hits." But when they learned from their headquarters that they've struck a friendly target, one said to the other "We're in jail," and one of the pilots also became physically ill in his cockpit.

CNN reported that the video is being used in the course of a criminal investigation in the United Kingdom.

The CNN clip, which includes the video, can be viewed below.


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