BBC Conspiracy Files - more than a hit-piece, a whitewash.

Andrew Lowe Watson
9/11 Researchers
Monday, February 19, 2007  

Omissions: no eyewitness reports of explosions. No FDNY testimonies. No quotes from anchors. No mention of FAA records being destroyed. No sustained shots of the WTC1 & 2 'collapses' showing explosive force . No mention of debris hurled 400 feet sideways. No molten metal. No Thermite. No Steven Jones. No David Ray Griffin. No mention of 4,000,000 views of Loose Change. No 85 confiscated videos at Pentagon. No Minetta testimony. No skeptic eyewitnesses at pentagon or Shanksville. No no-planes. No DEWs. No free-fall speed. No clear clip of WTC7. No toxic dust. No dying responders. No big-names ( Bowman, Paul Craig Roberts, Von Buelow, Meacher, Sheen, Lynch etc etc). No polls. No BBC report that 5 of hijackers still alive. No UBL denial . No insider dealing . No Giuliani, No Silverstein
No Marvin Bush. No 'Pull it' No Danny Jowenko. No Bush at Booker. No CIA funding of Al-Qaeda. No Northwoods. No power-downs at WTC. No sniffer dogs.
No Willy Rodriguez. No Rick Siegel . No

Distortions: WTC7 shown four times in weakest shot (the one used for Berger CNN interview where 7 is half hidden). Impression of scientists v. isolated fanatical individuals. Alex Jones as cult-leader at quasi- evangelical 'rally'. Fetzer in close-up moving his head around a lot . Only Dylan held his cool and in one classic scene when interviewed about Wally Miller he exuded seething if controlled anger. Strawmen like '4,000 Jews' used to discredit whole range of 911 skepticism. Presented 'evidence' of UA93 crash as Bandana and Passport, then said , "In the face of ALL THIS,some still believe it was a conspiracy."

Lies: "WTC 7 was a raging inferno"."Flight 11 took off that morning". OGCT presented as fact.
X-files writer-"To think that the US government contains mass-murderers is preposterous". Popular Mechanics given credibility as ordinary down to-earth magazine.

Ended by trying to boil down the whole movement to FBI's admission of failure to act on intelligence supplied to CIA. ''The American people were failed" .
Concluding words of V/O: "The other conspiracy theories are just that - theories.
The evidence doesn't support them.

We were never shown that evidence.

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