NIST engineer, John Gross, denies the existance of Molten Steel.

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Monday, February 26, 2007


John Gross, one of the lead engineers of the NIST report is quesitoned about the existance of molten steel at the WTC building, the ... all » collapse of Building 7, and also explains how the NIST report did not do any analysis of the collapse of all three buidlings. John Gross was asked to come speak at the University of Texas at Austin by the Phil. M. Ferguson fund ( Link to there website, UT student organization, A Project for the New American CItizen was there to ask and film his response to the questions. please get in contact with this department at UT and tell them you want a public debate of these issues with a Project for the New American Citizen. We need to put as much pressure on these people as we can. Our website is

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