Ron Paul Had a Great Super Tuesday!

Abelardo J. Arias
Nolan Chart
Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Perception is reality; or so the mainstream media would have you believe.

First, they said Ron Paul was a "fringe" candidate. Then they attacked him with outdated newsletters taken out of context. Then they just ignored him as more money rolled into his campaign war-chest. Then they ignored his wins in various primaries up to and including Super Tuesday. Now they say (including some of his supporters) that his campaign is finished.

What is going on? Should the Revolution quit? Should we move to New Zealand or New Hampshire only out of desperation and hopelessness?

My friends, Ron Paul had a great night on Super Tuesday. I'm smiling about it. Here's why:

As a long time admirer of Ron Paul I never dreamed he would have gotten this far. As a past admirer of the Republican Liberty Caucus I never thought a civil libertarian would actually participate in over a dozen GOP presidential debates and challenge the status quo of fiat money inflation, perpetual war and a sinking economy. As a supporter of ballot access I never dreamed a former Libertarian Party candidate would actually win one delegate to the GOP nominating convention.

Ron Paul has thus far exceeded my expectations. He was woken up thousands of Americans. He has cured countless cases of apathy (including mine). He has broken nearly every single rule of traditional campaigning and is just now beginning to reap rewards in his carefully planned strategy.

Do you think Dr. Paul had no inkling of the low percentage numbers in the polls? I'm sure he's more aware of those numbers and has them memorized. Yet, he is pushing full steam ahead. He is amassing a formidable group of leaders on his campaign staff. Is Ron Paul out of teach with reality? Hardly.

The MSM only projects where they think the delegates will go. The GOP race is so wide open it is killing the media. They want to crown the candidate prince now. They are so proud that they resurrected John McCain from the dead that they are salivating to end the GOP Primary and get to the upcoming Hillary showdown. And then they are going to turn on McCain and chew him up for breakfast in a Hillary love fest.

But the reality today is that all four GOP contenders are still in the game. It is absurd for the MSM to convince Americans that one candidate or the other is out based on one day's totals.

Ron Paul has thus far baffled the MSM and won more than they would have ever given him credit for. Sure the MSM will say his campaign is finished. But they said that from the very beginning on their smug faces refusing to give anyone but their chosen candidates the time of day. It is a total disservice to democracy. They did it to Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel on the left and they are still doing it to Ron Paul on the right.

Ron Paul may indeed run as an independent but we should help him move full steam ahead to the brokered GOP convention. Every day the campaign is alive we pick up new supporters.

I'm not going to quit on Dr. Paul. Not after we: 1) won 2nd in Louisiana, Montana, Nevada and Maine; 2) placed 3rd in Alaska, North Dakota and Utah; 3) Paul beat McCain is some of these states; and, 4) won 3 delegates from the West Virginia caucus. This is more than the MSM expected. Let's continue to blow their expectations.

What should Ron Paul do now?

He should continue his long-term strategy of staying in the race and exhausting the campaign funds of his rivals. This GOP race is an unsettled affair. Turn off the cable news networks.

Ron Paul must infuse some campaign drama into this fight. Everyone has been tip-toeing around Bush-Cheney as if somehow the mere mention of their names for good or bad will be the kiss of death for their race. I say hogwash. Ron Paul needs to get in front of the MSM cameras and YouTube and call our dear president exactly what he is: a constitutional fraud and a warmongering monster.

Are his campaign staffers afraid he will upset the GOP elites? Rumors on the campaign trail are that the national campaign is officially afraid of the "Ron Paul Revolution" and actually want a lot of our big signs taken down. No disrespect but these people should take a hike. I think Trevor Lyman, Vijay Boyapati, the guys at and other incredibly creative grassroots people have earned the right to help steer this Revolution with Dr. Paul at the helm. They are the heart and soul of our movement dedicated to Ron Paul's vision of peace, prosperity and freedom.

I think it's time for Ron Paul to stop pandering to the extreme GOP right-wing of nativists and anti-immigration activists. Look, most people in this country are not frothing at the mouth about brown-skinned people who clean our bathrooms and pick our fruit. Ron Paul's immigration ads were horrible. Just as's Justin Raimondo, who has been Dr. Paul's most vocal and effective supporter on the newsletter controversy.

Ron Paul needs to run commercials on the Federal Reserve. He needs to outdo Ross Perot, who amassed a huge following, even while he is still in the GOP nomination race. Dr. Paul needs to go after Bush. Even call for his impeachment. Shake up this nation. We cannot go quietly into that goodnight.

Ron Paul Campaign Staffers, if you read this article: wake up, act like leaders and we will follow you!

Whether the good doctor decides to run independent now or later is up to him. I defer to this decades of political and campaign experience over mine. But what he should do is start thinking independently and appeal to the anti-Bush sentiment in this country. As James Ostrowski noted on, the majority of the anti-war GOP still continue to vote for John McCain. What if those McCain delegates really understood about his intentions to stay in Iraq 100 years or to "never" consider redeploying our troops home.

What should the grassroots do?

We should rededicate ourselves to the Ron Paul Revolution. We knew the cards would be stacked against us. How do votes on Super Tuesday make you feel? Defeated? Or Angry? Hopeless? Or Challenged?

If we want Ron Paul to consider running an independent campaign we should still support him in the GOP to the very end. We may not like political parties but they are the reality of a two-party system in this country.

Ron Paul is playing a smart strategy of under the MSM radar delegate collecting. This may seem implausibe you might say. Just remember that delegates may not be too happy with the GOP convention choices come May. A lot can happen in three months.

The grassroots can begin to canvass and set up websites in support of Ron Paul's independent race. We can begin uniting the disenfrachised, the non-voters, registered Democrats dismayed by pro-war Hillary Clinton and the coming legions of disappointed Barack Obama supporters.

Last night on Super Tuesday, Ron Paul won some modest second and third place finishes. But more importantly he remained in a GOP race that continues to be wide open. The other candidates are running out of money. Huckabee may push for his V.P. spot soon. Romney may reconsider his prospects and quit. McCain was bruised and battered yesterday despite his naked assertions that he is the front-runner. The GOP across this nation is torn and undecided about who their candidate should be. This spells certain doom against whomever (likely McCain) will be sacrificed by the MSM on the altar of Hillary Clinton.

And so, I'm smiling. Ron Paul had a great night on Super Tuesday.

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