Thug Cop Beats Up Defenseless Handcuffed Woman
Claims victim who ended up with two black eyes in a pool of her own blood "fell over"

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Tuesday, February 19th, 2008


Shocking police station video of an argumentative woman who ended up unconscious in a pool of her own blood with two black eyes, a broken nose and broken teeth did not lead to criminal charges against the cop after officials claimed the woman "fell over."

Quite how Angela Garbarino received two black eyes, a broken nose, broken teeth and blood pouring from her head after a "slip and fall" is not quite explained by officials or ABC News, who ran with the headline Police Brutality or Slip and Fall?

Below is a low quality You Tube version, the high quality ABC News version can be watched here.

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The police are refusing to press criminal charges against the officer because "no one knows for sure what occurred." That's probably because this cowardly thug, Officer Wiley Willis, made sure his brutal assault wasn't recorded on camera.

If police arrived at a house where a handcuffed woman was lying unconscious in a pool of her own blood with two black eyes, a broken nose and broken teeth with a man standing nearby, who would the prime suspect be? Would the police refuse to arrest the man because no videotape of the incident took place or would they go with what every single piece of circumstantial evidence was screaming out had happened?

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Comments posted in response to the ABC News story underscore how blatantly ridiculous the police's explanation and handling of the matter is.

- "What is most insulting is this: They haven't charged the officer because "no one knows for sure what happened". Crimes are committed each and every day that aren't videotaped and yet the suspects are arrested based on the best evidence available at the time. Why is he being treated any different? I AM a former police officer and can tell you this: in Ohio, for example, in domestic violence cases, we had a duty to arrest the obvious aggressor. Meaning this: if I showed up on scene and the man was fine and the woman had two black eyes and two busted teeth and was lying in a pool of her own blood, I didn't need a videotape of the incident occurring, I made the arrest of the male suspect. This officer is a disgrace to both the badge and to humanity in general. I say give him a taste of his own medicine, take him out behind the woodshed as they used to say."

- "Let's suppose my wife has black eyes, broken teeth, and is lying in a pool of her own blood when cops arrive. I say, "She fell down when she tried to leave the house." Do the cops: 1. Arrest me or 2. Let me go because, "No one really knows what happened". Cop should be in jail, now."

- "The only way a person can end up looking like that after a "fall" is if that fall was off a cliff!"


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