Media Blackballs Willie Nelson's Call To Impeach Bush
Buries collective corporate head in sand, pretends it never happened

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Wednesday, February 20th, 2008


If an award-winning icon and a pure symbol of Americana boldly argued for the impeachment of President Bush and urged that the general public "throw the bastards out" of the White House in an election year, would it make for a good story?

Not according to the mainstream media, who have once again chosen to blackball Willie Nelson's comments that he made this week on the Alex Jones Show.

Two days after Nelson warned that some kind of staged event could provide the Neo-Cons with an excuse to cancel an election that their anointed candidate Hillary Clinton seems increasingly unlikely to be involved in, no corporate news outlets have dared to even mention the story.

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At a time when President Bush is hyping the threat of terror attacks as a result of the Republican's failure to pass the warrantless surveillance legislation, such a prescient warning from such a high-profile public figure would be deemed newsworthy in anyone's book.

But the silence is deafening.

Despite the fact that we have issued a press release via the usual channels that has been spread all over the web, no establishment media outlet has picked it up, not even to ridicule Nelson with their usual smear attempt tactics.

When a celebrity breaks a toenail, the press swarm like flies around excrement, but if one dares utter something meaningful or anti-establishment, they either ravenously attack or bury their heads in the sand and pretend it never happened.

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