Willie Nelson stands up for Isaac Newton!

David Watts
Op Ed News
Thursday February 7, 2008

Willie Nelson stands up for Isaac Newton! Willie understand the laws of physics can't be suspended for a day. That is what we were tricked into believing on September the Eleventh, 2001, that's right, on 9/11.


Willie Nelson stands up for Isaac Newton! Yes, Isaac Newton has taken quite a beating for nearly six and one-half years. Up until September the Eleventh of 2001, I think its safe to say, virtually everyone believed Isaac Newton knew what he had proven. Well, since 9/11, most people apparently believe Isaac has been “disproved” -- except for, of course, Willie Nelson. Its nice to know that someone as patriotic as Willie Nelson also believes in science. Yes, that’s right, science. Now he’s not the only one mind you -- there are Physicists, Patriots, Architectural Engineers, Pilots, people for 911Truth, and many others -- that believe that Isaac Newton’s fundamental laws of the universe are still valid.

I doubt anyone will ever forget 9/11; but how many will ever realize that we were tricked into to believing that Isaac Newton’s fundamental laws of the universe were suspended that day? 9/11 was a powerful day, but not that powerful. No, the laws of physics have been in place since the beginning of time. I personally don’t see how a few Saudi Arabian hijackers and airplanes filled with kerosene, could have possibly crossed up Isaac Newton. Do you? It has been easily proven in many different ways that if the Official Story we have been told is really true, Mr. Isaac Newton should be extracted from all science books. But if we did that, how would we ever know how fast an apple really falls?

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So Willie Nelson asks you and people from all over the world, including Americans, to please look into the Truth about 9/11. It has been said, it would insult the intelligence of a ten-year-old who has looked at the evidence, to not understand that what we have been told is a lie. The media is not going to tell you, nor of course, is the government. But all you need is an open mind and you can see for yourself. Willie Nelson saw the light from the beginning; it took me six years because I didn’t know to look. If you start honestly looking with an open mind, even if you are older than ten years, you can see it in a day. I saw it in a few minutes when I finally started looking. Please, for Willie, all of the Physicists, Architectural Engineers, Patriots, yourself, your children, your country, please take the bit of time it takes to realize that what we have all been told is a very big lie. Willie Nelson wants you to, and your country needs you -- before everything is lost. We all need you, before the next inside 9/11 burys everything.

Buy the new book “The Shell Game,” by best selling author Steve Alten. It will open your eyes. Search for video on “9/11,” there is so much out there. Search for “9/11” websites. Search 911 Physics, 911Truth, 911 Patriots, ae911Truth.ORG and just "9/11". “911mysteries” is excellent. Then, join up with your local 911 Truth or 911visibility or wearechange or what ever 911 groups you can find. We need your help in pushing for a new investigation. And we need it now. Time is running out before the next inside 9/11. Do it for Willie. Do it for yourself. Do it for your kids. Do it for your country. Do it for Isaac Newton. Take a bit of time. Be a true Patriot. Help save the country.

Again, please buy "The Shell Game." It is a page turning political thriller. Learn about "PEAK OIL." The world is truly running out of oil. But the powers that be will not tell you. Learn about the "stand down" orders for our military. They were not permitted to defend us on 9/11. Understand that 9/11 wasn't the last 9/11. Why be taken by surprise again? False flag events -- attack yourself and blame it on the "enemy" -- have occurred throughout history; including many times, as hard as it is to believe, by our very own United States government.




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