Official Conspiracy Theory Called "dogma of political correctness"

Len Hart
Op Ed News
Friday, February 29, 2008

Bush's approval rating of some 18 percent (give or take a gopper) approaches zero. We're talking black holes and singularities here. This historic plunge is traced to numerous hoaxes Bush pulled on the American people: Iraq, the economy, a phony war on 'tehrruh', the GOPs elitist agenda. Bush has gotten away with it because the GOP are trained to believe whatever is repeated three times. Lately, Bush followers have surpassed the high standards of Lewis Carroll, believing "as many as six impossible things before breakfast." Among them is Bush's 'official conspiracy theory' of 911.

The causes officially given for the incidents are not a sufficient explanation for what actually happened on that day, especially as regards the logistics of this highly sophisticated operation and the very advanced infrastructure required for it.

Instead of dealing with the contradictions and inconsistencies in the official version of events and the numerous gaps in terms of the factual information, a "dogma of political correctness" has been promulgated according to which 19 Islamic-inspired Arab hijackers, directed by an elusive "Al-Qaeda" ("base"), succeeded in carrying out the atrocities all by themselves.

--Scoop, Dr. Hans Koechler: 9/11 may have been an insider job

As Bush hangs by a thread, there is a list of indictments for which he could hang later. As the Bush 'vision thing' crashes and burns, an increasingly tiny band of loud mouthed GOP cultists, deniers of science and logic, born again believers in fairy tales and miracles are left only their loud mouths and astounding intellectual challenges. I am referring, of course, to gullible folk whose ancestors most certainly burned witches in Europe and hanged them at Salem. In other words, the born again believers in Bush's 'official conspiracy theory of 911'.

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It makes no sense to believe a man about one thing when he has told nothing but lies about everything else. What makes 911 different? As Dr. Hans Koechler points out, it has become 'politically correct dogma'. As Ronald Reagan's 'trickle down theory' and 'fundamentalist Christianity' has done for 'true believers', the 'official conspiracy theory of 911, relieves its 'true believers' of responsibility for their 'sins' and places it with a 'rag tag band' of 'evil terrorists'. The GOP's faith in the 911 orthodoxy has become a secular religion, akin to their unquestioned belief in Christianity, a faith --not a science --in which they are relieved of responsibility, forgiven all sins in exchange for merely believing a 'dogma' for which there is not a shred of logic or fact in support. The 'terrorists' have become Christ-like. They have borne America's collective guilt and died for our sins.

The good news is that we true skeptics have won this debate. Our case is logical and precise. As the case against Bush grows stronger, that of Bush's authoritarian officialists grows more desperate, its partisans more shrill and nonsensical. When freepers, GOP hypocrites and 'bitter enders' descend into utter lunacy, the debate is over. We win!

Among the more absurd fallacies indulged by Bush apologists is an attempt to 'spin' the Bush administration's refusal to release all the photos taken of whatever it was that crashed into the Pentagon. The attempt ignores the fact that the photos were ordered seized by the Bush administration. With absurd circular fallacies, Bush officialists criticize 'us' for not having seen the photos. That, of course, is precisely the problem and precisely our complaint. The photos, evidence of a crime, were not released, in fact, covered-up in an act of obstruction of justice --a felony! There is the very real possibility that all have been destroyed by now. Missing the point and mistaking conclusions for premises, however, is to be expected from a political wing that most surely has more idiots in it than is statistically normal!

Another idiocy typical of Bush partisans involves what firefighters called a 'punch out' hole in the inner ring. Bush kiss ups, in a masterpiece of circular logic, claim that the hole cannot be evidence of a missile because, uh... 'there is no evidence of a missile.' That this is said with a straight face is evidence of the utter failure of the American educational system.

A theory --even stupid 'official theories' that are handed top from the top --must account for every observed phenomenon. What Johnny Cochran said of a glove can be said of every theory: if it does not fit, you must acquit! The 'official theory' fails that very first and critical test. Just as Newtonian physics cannot account for the slowing of clocks at near light speeds, the official conspiracy theory of 911 does not, cannot explain the Pentagon punch-out hole, an observed phenomenon of which photos were made. Contrary to what Bush officialists would have you believe, the 'hole' is evidence of something and that 'something' is not a 757, of which there is nary a scrap.

Besides --Bush's brigade of official conspiracy theorists have stated on this blog that 757 airliners --made of aluminum --simply vaporized, that is, turned into a gas upon hitting the Pentagon outer wall at some 530 MPH. Lunacy!

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