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Ionospheric Manipulation Responsible For Devastating Tsunami?

From a Reader | January 2 2005


A friend of mine was talking to the imam at his local mosque yesterday ( Friday - prayer day ) and the imam told him that in his home village of [ Sylhet, Bangladesh ] a local pond started bubbling and shaking and the people felt very giddy and started falling over.

This happened at the exact time of the earthquake.

These are classic effects of high frequency polarised RF.

The RF which bounced off the ionosphere landed not only at the point of the epicentre but a second reflection obviously hit at Sylhet, Bangladesh.

Would you know of anybody who is over there to get interviews and medical data to verify this.

I should stress that the information comes from an imam and is very reliable.

This could be proof of Project H.A.A.R.P. involvement.

As the total number of deaths rises above 150,000 This could be more proof of the globalists agenda.

Keep the faith.

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