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Is Frist's 'Political Paranoia' Bill Real or Disinfo?

Prison Planet | January 10 2005

A story that’s been circulating for the last few days centers around Senator Bill Frist and a proposed plan to introduce a bill that would define political paranoia as a mental disorder.

What does that mean? If you think raping Iraqi children is wrong, you’re insane, if you think making Iraqis jump off a bridge for breaking a curfew is wrong you’re insane, if you think people being arrested under the Patriot Act for playing with toy lasers is wrong you’re insane, if you think pregnant women being beaten and arrested for talking too loudly on a cellphone is wrong you’re insane. If you think people in wheelchairs being tasered is wrong you’re insane.

Even without such a bill the attitudes and labels being thrown around by the establishment media and shock-jock Neo-Con, Neo-Fascist talk show hosts have created an Orwellian double standard whereby we should support the government because they are spreading 'freedom' while taking our freedom away.

Is the propoed bill real? The only source we can find on this at the moment is a left-wing website called the Swift Report, which seemingly carries some serious stories and some which look like satire. If anyone can dig out either way whether this is accurate or not we would appreciate the help. Calling Frist's office in Tennessee is probably going to be of little value. We called earlier today and all you get is an automated system asking you to leave a message (how's that for representative government!)

However, if this is true just think of the implications. This is what the Soviets did, they defined opposition to the government as mental instability and then imprisoned people on that basis. In the United Kingdom similar legislation is already being passed. The Mental Capacity Bill defines mental illness as the inability to make a decision even if that’s temporary. So if you’ve had one too many whiskies, they can burst in your home, call you mentally incapacitated, grab you and imprison you indefinitely.

So even if this isn’t true we’ve seen moves in the past, and in fact top Soviet defectors have gone on record to warn about it, that they want to define basic political activism or opposition to authority as mental instability.

We hope to have full confirmation on whether the bill is legitimate or not in due course.

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