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Why The Outrage Now? Nobody Cares About Fascist Symbols In The House Of Representatives

Paul Joseph Watson | January 14 2005

The sudden outrage and in other cases apologetic soft-peddling of Prince Harry's Nazi outfit are another example of a 'Johnny come lately' public and media attitude that shifts the debate away from the true undertones of Nazi influence in our culture and government today.

Where is the outrage about Fasces symbols which appear on everything from US coins to the House of Congress rostrum?

The bronze fasces, used since Roman times to symbolize civic authority, are located on both sides of the U.S. flag as seen below. The original Roman fasces consisted of an axe within a bundle of rods, bound by a red strap. Fasces in the root of where the term 'fascism' comes from.

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Roman "Fasces" on the wall behind the Speaker's Podium US House of Representatives chamber, United States Capitol.

Another shop of the speakers' rostrume. This is from where President Bush has delivered four State of the Union speeches.

At the Lincoln Memorial, Washington DC, Lincoln's seat of state bears the fasces on the fronts of its arms.

Well, well, well, what do we have here? The same symbol on a Nazi stamp.

2Two large crossed FASCES compose the insignia of the National Guard, creating a huge "X" (AX) superimposed upon an openwinged eagle.

Giant Fasces appear here in 1930's Fascist Italian propaganda.

A Fascist Italian postage stamp featuring the Fasces.

The Fasces on a US dime.

The Mace, which is the symbol of the Office of the Sergeant at Arms, is placed by the Sergeant at Arms on a pedestal at the Speaker's right each time the House convenes. The MAce is also used in the British and Australian parliaments and is also a Nazi symbol of power.

Look again at the Nazi postage stamp, featuring the Mace on the right hand side.

And this time Maces can be seen in the background as Hitler gives a speech.

Another shot of the Mace in the US House of Representatives.

I have focused on just two symbols, the Mace and the Fasces. I could list hundreds of examples.

Where are all the Jewish groups? Where's the outrage? A fancy dress outfit causes what will be a national debate for three months and yet these things have been in front of our faces for our entire lifetimes and there is no mention of them. Even to highlight this one risks being sidelined as a crackpot.

Serious questions need to be asked about why the very platform of supposed representative government in the United States is adorned with tributes to Nazi symbols of absolute dictatorial power.

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